Portrait shot by Olly Williams

Portrait shot by Olly Williams


I am a photographer and film maker based in East London specialising in architecture and the urban environment.

My journey into photography began whilst studying my bachelors degree in architecture at Oxford Brookes University. Teaming up with a close friend who shared the passion I learnt to shoot manually with 35mm film which taught me the fundamentals of photography- light, exposure, aperture, focus, composition as well as developing our own film in a university halls bathroom.  My approach to capturing the world has been fed by my architectural education in the built environment, material craft and design. Since graduating in 2014 this has become a key asset while working for a number of architectural practices in Oxford and London where I have fulfilled numerous photography assignments.

My work has been featured in:

The Guardian, The Financial Times, Architect's Journal, The RIBA Journal, Metropolis Magazine, Architecture Today, Dezeen, TimeOut Magazine, Bauwelt, AIT Magazine and The Stage Magazine.

Clients include:

Haworth Tompkins, Mendick Waring Limited, Flower Michelin & School of Speculation.

Photography is a passion first and foremost and a camera is never far from my reach whether it be on days out exploring the capital or further afield.  

If you would like to know more about the services I offer please get in contact.